Do you feel like you’re clients are running the show? I’ve been there and that’s why I want to share with you these 6 ways you can email like a boss and take control.

Sorry I’m Not Sorry

Delays happen, but when they do, stop saying you’re sorry. Do this instead:

Give Advice with Confidence

Don’t be hesitant when giving advice.

Stop Checking In

Waiting for feedback or deliverables? Sending this email gets better results than the tired “I’m checking in” email everyone ignores.

Know When It’s Time to Talk

Email communication is fine for most things but know when scheduling a quick meet up is better.

Typos Happen, Get Over It

We’ve all occasionally sent over copy that included small mistakes. Don’t panic, do this instead:

Don’t Make It Complicated. Does That Make Sense? 😉

Stop sending emails asking if something you’ve said makes sense it’s better to do this:


It’s important to understand that you’re the expert here and you’re client expects you to take the lead. Following these 6 tips to emailing like a boss will help you not only save yourself time and frustration, but also make more money.

You’ve got this.


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