Doing Business During the Coronavirus

Uncertainty doesn’t require abandoning ship. In our new “normal” and in the new world faced with COVID-19, business must go on despite the increasing social distancing guidelines set forth. It is definitely time to look at other ways to generate leads for most businesses.  This is especially true for any business that has had to cancel conferences, conventions or other events which once prided an abundance of leads.

Without the ability to connect with people in the traditional way, we wanted to offer some ideas that can allow your business to continue to move forward smoothly, without skipping a beat.

The Lead Pilots

Our favorite way to do this is with The Lead Pilots. It is the fastest way to generate leads for any business and it happens on autopilot, if you will. You don’t need to leave your home or even shake hands with a thousand potential customers, at least not in the traditional American way. In fact, you really don’t even have to do it yourself if you are busy or want to take some time to spend with the family while you have the opportunity to do so. It can be completely turn-key and you decide how much or how little you want to be involved. It takes less time preparing The Lead Pilots then it does for a trade show to begin with, in fact – much less! 

Just like a conference or trade show, you can granularly target the right audience and actually, you can do it on a larger scale. If your audience is in one state, then targeting your audience in that state is simple or if your target is vast, then the sky’s the limit. Just like a trade show, you will capture your lead information and probably do a better job at it also. 

The Lead Pilots is not another Chrome extension that you need to install in your browser. It’s a cloud-based software that allows you to fully automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns without being dependent on your device or internet connection. There are no long term commitments with Lead Pilots, making it a great switchover lead gen tool to use right now in the wake of cancelled flights and cancelled events. Most users see 10-20 connection accept rates, 10 reply rates and 3-5 meetings booked each week directly on their calendar, which are all virtual or by phone.

For a Free Demo on The Lead Pilots, Click Here and get started today!

Social Media Management and New Messaging

Is your current message getting lost in a sea of shuffle? Not surprised with every waking message focused on an influx of Coronavirus updates, but you need a new plan. What’s it going to be and how quickly can you make that happen while you are trying to focus your attention on the climate shift? The solution is in the ability to move your messaging beyond your old one and focus on the here and now. It is easier said than done when you may have fragmented team members or what appears no way to target your target market. 

Digital Events

Who says you can’t host an event? Well, we get it, the government said it. Now is the perfect time to host a virtual one and if you haven’t done one yourself, we happen to know some pretty skilled members of our team that have a lot of experience doing just that. There are so many opportunities , like webinars, Facebook Live events, streaming events where you can charge a ticket price, and the list goes on. Chances are your budget is there and available, but you can’t spend it where you intended and still have to get your message out. Putting your dollars directly into a trade publication may not be the answer. An integrated approach consisting of ads and live events, may just be the answer.

These are just a few ways to remain steady through the solace and only a glimpse. Sometimes talking through marketing challenges can really help discover new paths and in times of uncertainty, you need to throw out the rule book and find a more ability to open the box one. Thinking outside the box is the only way to think at the present moment in this unprecedented situation. To talk through your current marketing challenges with a team that can quickly get you back on track, schedule a virtual meeting today for Free. We are here to listen and help all from the comfort of way more than 6 feet! Click Here to start today! 


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