I really love a good checklist. ☑️

There’s something really satisfying to me about putting that checkmark in the box and knowing that I got them all done. 😆

Here’s what’s on my checklist for today. 👈

I’m sending five emails that are going to help me grow my business and only five! ✋

Basically, I’m looking at clients, partners, and people I have met through networking over the years and asking them what it would take to do business with me.

So, I am doing exploratory work to find out what the goals and initiatives are that each of their departments has this year. Also, do they have the support teams to really get those off the ground or do they have the support to take this project to cross the finish line? 👁️

Sometimes people just forget that you’re available to take on the work, so they just need a little reminder. ⌛

Tell me what’s on your checklist today in my recent LinkedIn post.  ✅