Boasting over 175 million active users, Pinterest offers a great opportunity to drive visitors to your website, capture new leads, and grow brand awareness.

You see, this highly visual platform is filled with consumers who are ready to discover and engage with your content. It’s the perfect outlet to highlight your brand’s story, connect with a new audience, showcase your products, and drive more exposure to your company.

Perhaps you’re looking for ways to improve your current Pinterest strategy to enhance your social media marketing. Or maybe you’re ready to take on this marketing platform to add to your digital arsenal. Whatever your goal, here are 5 real ways to better your Pinterest engagement to drive traffic to your website.

#1 Stand Out with Long Visuals

The size that generally generates the most engagement from Pinterest images and graphics are typically the longer ones (736 by 1102px). So infographics do incredibly well on Pinterest.

With so many images saturating Pinterest, it’s important that your content stands out and gets noticed. You can easily add more infographics or longer images into your visual strategy by creating your own at or hiring a designer at Fiverr.

#2 Create an Exclusive Board for Your Blog Posts

A blog board is an excellent strategy to driving traffic to your website and organizing your content on Pinterest. It makes it easy for followers to view and follow your content regularly. You’ll also enhance your SEO ranking since you’re sharing it on a social media site (Source: Kissmetrics).

When selecting your board’s name, include keywords that your audience is actively searching for to increase the chances of showing up in Pinterest search results. Be sure to use a different board name for your various blog categories.

Include a good description, naturally sprinkling your keyword throughout your message.

#3 Use Popular Keywords

Keywords perform better on Pinterest than hashtags in your pins. Frankly, Pinterest will demote your pins if you list too many hashtags.

Instead, optimize your pins by focusing on keywords relevant to your niche and popular ones to gain attention. An ideal tactic to discovering what’s trending on Pinterest is by looking at the “Popular” section that shares the hot topics for the day. Use it as a guide for topic ideas that aligns best with your audience.

#4 Get Involved in Pinterest Contributor Boards

A killer method to driving traffic to your website is by sharing your pins to a Pinterest contributor board. Known as Pinterest’s group boards, people collaborate and post related pins for the masses. This community offers amazing benefits like increasing exposure of your content, more repins, and adding new fans and followers of your brand.

The key to success is ensuring that you read the rules of the board for adherence. Every group board is different therefore become familiar with their policies to prevent from being banned.


Pinterest is a solid platform to grow your brand’s presence, get in front of a fresh engaging audience, and drive traffic to your site. Incorporating these tips in your strategy will help enrich your social marketing and appeal to a different market.

Much success.

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