Smarter Ways to Sell with Marketing


1 hour consultation recorded via Zoom


Let’s talk about some Smarter Ways to Sell with Marketing. Nothing is more valuable than good sales training. So, take a look at what is in our Basic Skills & Marketing Training.

Marketing isn’t just putting up a slick business website and waiting for sales to come pouring in. There’s a bit more to it.  Usually, advertising is a separate task from customer relationship management. But to complicate things further community management is a separate task from both digital advertising and customer relationship management. However, seeing your marketing strategy as a complete ecosystem where all components benefit every other component is the most direct route for success. It’s smart. It’s foundational. It’s basic sales & marketing training but it’s easy to overlook.

Smarter Ways to Sell with Marketing. In this consultation we’ll:

  • Work backward to identify improvement areas with fresh eyes
  • Stop at every integration opportunity to list a process for more impact
  • Verify how tasks are integrated by a team

Is your team missing basic sales and marketing training to build an effective marketing ecosystem?

Let’s talk.