Crafting Careers for Professional Women

Times, they are changing. Although there are many women that truly enjoy the traditional career fields mentioned above, a growing number of women would rather not settle for traditional careers. They would like to break out into fields that have largely been male-oriented in the past—fields that offer high-paying jobs for women that are outside of the norm.

Chris is the founder of Empowered Achievers. It is a career coaching and development company. Its focus is on helping driven professional women craft careers that they love. Chris originally came from the corporate advertising industry where she worked on clients like Google, YouTube, & Expedia. Chris traded in the agency life for the world of talent development & culture eventually, where she focuses on crafting careers for professional women. And then, she transformed her own career into something she loved. Chris is passionate about getting rid of the “Sunday Scaries” for each one of her clients. Moreover, the importance of drafting careers for professional women has never been as important.

Chris works with individuals and companies alike. She does so through both her custom coaching program, as well as corporate training. She is a thought-leader. Chris has articles in Thrive Global. She also has features on sites such as Business News Daily and HelloGiggles.