Stop Promoting and What To Do Instead

September 4, 2012 - 1 minute read

I read this article published in Forbes from Shel Isreal a couple weeks ago, “Will Marketing Muck Up Social?” What struck me was the changes in social media that he pointed to. He says that companies are moving from the things that made social so special in the first place: real candid conversation.

We see too many brands jump on their social networks and say, here’s our product come buy it.  Then, when nothing happens, we wonder why.

This is what to do instead.

Let’s say you are having a product launch.

Now, you could take the self promotional route that we just mentioned and on launch day say here’s our new product come buy it.  Or, you could take a candid relationship building approach.  Ninety days leading up to the launch, start building buzz about what you are doing. 

  • Show behind the scenes meetings.
  • Show brainstorming sessions. 
  • Show new shipments arriving. 
  • Take a poll for a new logo, colors or font. 
  • Offer a beta trial. 
  • Ask questions around the product/service. 

Then, on launch day, announce the launch.  Your fans and followers have been through that journey with you and already know about your new product; they are already involved and excited. 

What are some other ways you can build buzz through the pre-launch.  Tell us in the comments!


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