Big data and predictive analytics are offering cost-effective and strategic solutions for business operations in a modern marketplace. Whether you are a local business or a Fortune 500 Company, cloud-based Business Intelligence tools provide an upper hand when it comes to competitors. Social Media Metrics help your business better understand what motivates buying-behaviors and enable you to connect more customers with your products.

Social Media Metrics

Facebook emoticons transformed market research, lending businesses a virtual lens to view customers through when analyzing behavioral-buying data. Qualitative research supplies businesses with meaningful insights to help leverage social media metrics in business operations. If you know your company’s social media goals, then you can apply various tactics to meet them more quickly.

  • Social Media Channels ~ Metrics help you know how to better connect with your audience, enabling you to target social strategies that drive customers to pages which funnel views into engagement. Once you know your customer’s media preference, you can integrate software to a particular demographic! Try using Facebook’s Pixel and create a look-a-like audience to test out ads or new call to actions, further optimizing conversions!
  • Measured Metrics ~ Reduce redundant materials that receive lower response rates! Track and record page visits to help you better understand your audience, and then apply the data for re-targeting ads that yield a more positive result!
  • Customized Tracking Dashboards ~ Don’t ignore your dashboard’s tools! User-friendly dashboards highlight multiple sources of data, generating visually interactive reports to keep marketing teams on track and up-to-date.

Optimizing social media metrics allows your business to automate certain processes, such as email marketing and lead management, freeing up time for your marketing team to focus on creating ideas. Self-aware intelligent algorithmic software coupled with Facebook’s Pixel is carrying the traditional marketplace into the digital dimension, where companies use data to emotionally engage audiences, further inclining customers to believe in their products or services.

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