Low content publishing has been a hot topic for me lately, and if you’ve been following me, you know I have been trying out Amazon KDP lately.

You know how we all see those side hustles on our for you page? 👈

I’ve been curious about Kindle Direct Publishing, so I’m selling low content like journals and notebooks. I have looked into something similar on Amazon KDP and am now looking at other alternatives. 🤔

When you see them pup up, you also see them say you can make thousands of dollars a month, and I’ve just been curious and want to know if this is a viable side hustle or if it’s something that’s oversaturated at this point. 🤑

I’m going to do a challenge to get some notebooks and journals up on Kindle Direct Publishing, and I will share with you how that journey goes, including what it looks like to make the notebooks, to get them live, and what the reporting and sales look like.📓📓📓

I will be transparent about it, and if you want to join and start your Kindle store, that’s totally cool with me, but I’ll be documenting the process and sharing it! 🪟

Who has used Kindle Direct Publishing before? 👇

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