Right now, running a business is just a little more stressful than usual, especially when it comes to getting your sales cycle right. 😰

Many business owners are wondering where their leads will come from this year. 🫦

So here are my two cents on where I think business owners should invest. These are low-cost investments.💰

If a response to a lead is delayed by hours or days, that lead will likely fall out of the sales cycle, and that’s sort of just like leaving money on the table.  💸

But with technology, imagine this automated sales process to keep leads moving quickly and get them right to a sales rep as fast as possible. 🏃‍♀️

So the lead goes to your website and fills out the form. That’s standard. ✔️

They select whether to talk to a rep now or later. They choose now. ⏱️

The lead is assigned to a rep, and they get a call! 🤙

It’s as simple as that. ✔️

Do you agree? Drop your comments below. 👇

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