Here’s part two on why North Star HQ has the name that does. 🌟

We essentially outgrew the other name. You can go to part one for more on that at  👈

I wanted a name that felt aspirational but also connected with people.
The thing about the North Star HQ is that all through the night it looks like it’s staying in the same spot and so people for thousands of years have often used the North Star HQ as a navigational tool. 🌃

A lot of prospects come to us looking for direction when it comes to digital marketing and so it felt like the perfect alignment for us to draw the connection between using the North Star HQ as a navigational tool and using North Star HQ the agency as a tool to provide digital marketing and sales. 🆘

From there, we’ve added some space dinos for branding, and it’s been feeling really good. 🦕

How did you come up with your company name?🤔

Let me know on my LinkedIn page.  ✅


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