I’m all for learning and growing. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do, but always in hindsight. 📚

I have noticed this trend in the online business world, where business owners constantly feel like they need to learn more more more. They always need to buy the next course. 📚📚📚

These business owners are constantly feeling ill-equipped, and if they just knew this next piece of information, they would be thriving. 🏃‍♂️

And I just don’t think that’s true. What I think is true is that if we implement the knowledge that we have, that’s when we start thriving. 🧠

It’s not that we don’t know enough of the information. It’s that many of us get stalled, and then we don’t do the action.
And then that knowledge basically means nothing because the action step is missing.

To me, running a business is so much more about implementation than it is about consumption. 🫶

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