Do you agree that work overwhelm and hustle culture are one and the same?

Hustle culture. 💦

Whether you live it, love it, or hate it, it has become a part of our everyday lives. 👈BUT, I don’t think it has to be that way.

“Hustle culture perpetuates the myth that working harder means you’re a better person. It’s time to break the cycle of constantly pushing ourselves to the limit. It’s important to remember that success is not a linear journey, and it’s OK to take breaks and prioritize self-care.”

For those of you that are tired, are dealing with work overwhelm, or are overburdened, I see you. 👀

Remember that this hustle culture does not have to define you; you don’t have to live by its rules. 👈

So, take time to step back, relax, and don’t lose yourself. 🙅‍♀️

Because, after all, if we don’t take care of ourselves and our health, we won’t be able to work anyways, so now is always the right time to deal with work overwhelm and not succumb to the hustle culture that so many people and businesses rely on anymore.

What are your thoughts on hustle culture? 💭

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