With the birth of the digital world came a lot of opportunities, especially for those who would like to reach more customers. Marketers who understand who to target and how to get their target audience hooked have earned the most from this digital migration.

However, there are those who are still struggling to make any breakthrough despite spending time looking for new clients. This easily leads to a cycle where the business forgets to serve its current clients with hope that putting more effort in searching would improve sales. If you are in such a situation or would like to enhance your sales margin, you need to come up with sales funnels.

There are six main steps that make up a sales funnel that lead to consistent and long-term results:

  • The first step is ensuring you provide free content that does not demand any opt-in from your audience.
  • Second persuade your readers to leave their emails if they would like to receive similar valuable content as soon as it is posted (serves as lead magnet).
  • Give low-priced products that serve as introductory offers. This will get them used to buying from your business.
  • Share more relevant content with your audience and make sure to tell more about your business.
  • Next is working on your core offer, which includes a solution to help solve a problem ailing your target audience.
  • Scale the business and work on growing revenue.

Social networking and publishing

Many consumers first look at information shared on social networks to make a purchasing decision. This could be referrals and reviews, so your business should be available on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

Adding social proof to your list of tools for building a sales funnel is a brilliant way of increasing conversion rates. By definition, social proof is psychological phenomenon in which individuals embrace the actions of others with the assumption such actions reflect correct behavior.

Similarly, many consumers look for product reviews before they make up their minds to buy from a brand, so having a social strategy is the first step to ensuring your business cements trust and creates a big audience. Basically, consumers want to see comments from third parties and not the business, citing the effectiveness of the service or product on sale.

How influencers can help

One of the ways you could run a successful social networking and publishing exercise is teaming up with influencers. These are third parties you work with to make mentions of your products or business in positive light.

What this does is that many people who are loyal to the influencer will much likely prefer buying from your brand because celebrity influence induces them trust the brand more. While choosing an influencer, it is advisable that you pick one whose specialization falls within your industry

Why your business needs a sales funnel

There are reasons every business should consider coming up with a relevant sales funnel. Here are few you should know about.

Shapes your content creation.

When you set up a sales funnel, you also strategically position your content creation strategy to include relevant and specific content. You would need to speak in a certain way to your audience to keep them engaged, so a sales funnel defines the approach you take in content creation.

Consistent sales generation

Getting a boost in sales is a goal your business wants to fulfill, and nothing helps you to achieve this faster than using a sales funnel.

Scale your business

A sales funnel also focuses on growth in a progressive manner, so you are much likely to get a natural growth progression.

At Padron Marketing, we specialize in CRM, influencer, and social media marketing. We help businesses pursue a consistent and relevant sales funnel and our effort is to see our clients scale and get more sales. If you would like to support your business through any of these services, contact us and let’s get started in a relationship that will help you hit your targets on time.


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